Foodfirst Food Drive

In 2004, the staff of Physiofirst fostered the idea of a city wide food drive. With the generous contributions of our food drive partners — Investors Group Canada and Samaritan House and in association with the local Lions Clubs of Brandon and with the support of the Neelin High school student body — we have had eleven incredibly successful food drive events.

Foodfirst consists of a city-wide blitz by a dedicated group of volunteers. The Lions Club of Brandon supplies drivers who are accompanied by two high school students. The students canvas the entire city retrieving plastic bags (funded by Investors Group) which are distributed the week before to every household in Brandon by the The Brandon Sun  (

Residents are asked to place non-perishable food items into the bags and place them on their doorsteps for a Saturday morning pickup. To date, the eleven food drives have collected approximately 90,000 lbs. of food. This food is distributed locally through the Samaritan House food bank. Foodfirst: answering a basic need.