Pilates Classes Starting Soon!

Pilates Resuming the week of October 30th, 2018

Brandon will be running Advanced classes for 7 weeks starting on Tuesday, October 30th for a cost of $98.00

  •  Classes are from 5:30-6:30 pm on Tuesdays

Brandon will be running Intermediate classes for 6 weeks starting on Saturday, November 3rd for a cost of $84.00

  • Classes are from 9-10 am and from 10 – 11 am on Saturdays
  • Please call 204-727-6806 to register as space is limited

Rehabilitation Pilates is ideal for a broad spectrum of individuals who are interested in preventing and/or recovering from an injury, as well as those who experience general stiffness and tension throughout the body.

Pilates links the mind and body and re-balances the muscles around the joints to allow the body to move precisely and efficiently. It restores the natural curves of the spine while enhancing strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and body awareness.

We offer:

  • Private Sessions – one-on-one instruction designed to assess your body alignment, posture, strength, and flexibility, and which introduces you to this method of exercise.
  • Group Mat Sessions – exercises are performed on a mat. Several levels of instruction are available and your level will be established by the physiotherapist.

Neepawa has ongoing classes running throughout the year.  Please call Neepawa for times and days.

  • * once-a-week classes are $95.00
  • * twice-a-week classes are $160.00
  • * three-times-a-week classes are $215.00
  • * Please call 204-476-5632 to register as space is limited*