On Monday June 1st Manitobans will continue the multi-phased plan of reopening businesses with the start of Phase 2. This announcement is welcomed news and we cannot wait to see you! As we continue our return in this phase our main focus is to ensure that we continue providing the safest environment for you and for our staff.  Over the next few weeks we will continue increasing our in-clinic care however our virtual (video) sessions will continue and remain a safe option for those would prefer to receive care from the comfort of their own home. As always we take the well being of our patients very seriously and we are committed to upholding the same high standards and safety protocols you have come to expect from us.  We thank you so much for you understanding and patience as we prepare to reopen under new guidelines from the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba and Shared Health Manitoba. Please call to book an appointment either for in-clinic treatment or for a virtual (video) session.  Take Care & Stay Safe.

Vestibular Rehabilitation


Vestibular Rehabilitation is a specific treatment approach to Balance Disorders and Vertigo (the sensation of the room spinning or images moving). These disorders can be very disabling and can affect every aspect of one’s life. Vestibular Rehabilitation focuses on identifying the cause of the disorder, and treating it appropriately.

Balance Disorders can stem from a number of sources, such as inner ear, neck, muscles, or even the brain itself. Treatment generally includes repositioning techniques, compensatory exercises and adaptation exercises.

Pilates Classes


Rehabilitation Pilates is ideal for a broad spectrum of individuals who are interested in preventing and/or recovering from an injury, as well as those who experience general stiffness and tension throughout the body.

Pilates links the mind and body and re-balances the muscles around the joints to allow the body to move precisely and efficiently. It restores the natural curves of the spine while enhancing strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and body awareness.

We offer:

  • Private Sessions – one-on-one instruction designed to assess your body alignment, posture, strength, and flexibility, and which introduces you to this method of exercise.
  • Group Mat Sessions – exercises are performed on a mat. Several levels of instruction are available and your level will be established by the physiotherapist.


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