At Physiofirst, we take care. Of you. Of your injuries. Of everything you need to be the healthiest you can be. When life is complicated by an injury or condition that makes it hard to do the things you love to do, we can help. We will address your concerns within 48 hours, since research indicates early intervention leads to better outcomes.

Our certified physiotherapists are all university graduates, and provide a wide spectrum of services, from assessment and treatment of acute and chronic muscle and joint conditions to women's health and vestibular (dizzy/balance) conditions. View our services section for a complete list of what we offer.

It is our privilege to look after you.
Experience the Benefits.

Experience The Benefits…

Physiofirst was established in 2000 and provides physiotherapy services for Brandon and surrounding communities. Our satellite clinic in Virden (Physiofirst Virden) provides extensive coverage to rural Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan.
Our 3,000 square-foot Brandon clinic provides a spacious and comfortable environment, offering 10 individual treatment cubicles along with a private massage therapy/treatment room. There is a dedicated work-hardening (job-readiness) and conditioning area. Physiofirst provides state-of-the-art equipment through a wide variety of modalities. Physiofirst acknowledges the benefit of early intervention and strives to provide timely appointment opportunities to address each client’s specific needs.